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Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. As you type on the laser projection, detection technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping sounds, which feed into the compatible Bluetooth-enabled PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC.

Unlike many small snap-on keyboards for PDAs, the Virtual Laser Keyboard provides a full-size QWERTY keyboard. It is also smaller and more convenient to use than the folding-type keyboards made by some manufacturers and similar to them in functionality. There are no mechanical moving parts whatsoever in the Virtual Laser Keyboard. It provides a projected image that is the perfect portable input device for PDAs. It's similar in responsiveness to regular keyboards.

The light weight device weighs two ounces and is similar in size to a small cellphone. The Virtual Laser Keyboard includes a self-contained, rechargeable lithium ion battery. It provides the Virtual Laser Keyboard with its own internal power supply, so it doesn't drain any battery power from the PDA or PC. The battery lasts two to three hours, more than enough time to do some instant messaging and SMS messaging from the handheld device or to update calendar and phone book entries.



The Virtual Keyboard uses a light projection of a full-sized QWERTY computer keyboard on almost any surface.


The Bluetooth Dongle provides a Bluetooth connection which allows you to use your Virtual Keyboard on any computer with USB support.


Many different phones and PDA's suppor the Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. You can download drivers and view manuals for specific phones.




Middle Chamber Safety, Inc. signs on as an online dealer for the Virtual Keyboard. MCSi targets public safety professionals and sees a potential market for the VKB in the healthcare sector.


203 Communications partners with OMEGA tech gear to distribute the Virtual Keyboard.